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Car Servicing

Getting your car serviced is essential if your car is still under warranty, however, it’s also highly advisable at least once a year or every 12,000 miles (depending on which one comes first) to ensure your car runs at optimal performance and economy. Regular servicing and maintenance can drive your running costs down whilst keeping you safe on the roads.

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Our Standard Service

At Goodfellas-Autoz we conduct a fifty-point check service that keeps all basis covered. During your cars’ service, we cover all critical safety areas including brakes, steering, suspension and tyres decreasing the risk of breaking down at the side of the road or unexpected expenses due to serious damage to your vehicle.

Our fifty-point service also includes engine oil change, which is core to protecting the vital components of your engine and allowing them to move freely. If your oil is not changed regularly, component movement can become restricted which may then lead to damage that demands immediate attention.

Our standard service includes:

  • 50-point check
  • Road test (both prior to and following the service)
  • Checking and repair of up to 6 types of electrical systems
  • Advanced diagnostics
  • Re-set of your service light
  • Checking your tyres
  • 15 under bonnet checks
  • Engine oil change
  • Exterior vehicle and under body checks
  • Brake and clutch system checks and top-ups
  • Top-up of power steering oil and screen wash

Our Comprehensive Service

Our comprehensive service offers a complete overhaul and goes beyond the British Standard expectations. It is recommended to get a comprehensive service every 20,000 miles or every two years (again, whichever comes sooner).

This form of services covers all checks and fluid changes that you would get with our standard service, but also includes air filters, wheel balance, alignment checks, a fuel filter change and spark plug changes. This ensures that your engine is consistently fed with clean air and drives at maximum performance.

Qualified and Trusted Professionals

All our mechanics and technicians at Goodfellas Autoz are highly qualified and experienced; they know their stuff and are committed to the highest standards that we have built our reputation on. Our experts are dedicated to giving you the best possible service, keeping you up to date all the way through so you can take comfort in the fact that your car is in good hands.

The Latest Equipment

Our use of the latest equipment in the market helps us to deliver first-class services, without exception. We only ever use original equipment parts or equivalent parts assuring that your warranty is protected, whilst your vehicle benefits from no loss of performance.

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Don’t know what service you need?

Simply enter your vehicle registration in the booking tool on this page and you will instantly get a price for the different services for your car. Click on the “Help me choose a service” button to use our auto check to tell you which service we recommend if you’re not sure which service your car needs.

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